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Long-term Opioid Use for Back Pain

Affects on persons having chronic back pain getting opioids are unclear.

OpioidsResearches are not sure with the effectiveness, occurrence and risk for addiction for the persons taking this drug for the long period time. Researches say that there should be definite change in prescribing opioids, dose for patients with back pain. This is necessary to conclude pervasiveness of opioid treatment. This will help to ensure either opioids medications are affective are not. This will prevent the disorders in the patients with chronic back pain, getting opioid.

To check and estimating the efficiency of this drug on patients suffering chronic back pain, less studies and periodicals are available. Data suggests about side affects that common side affects like nausea and sedation are resolved during chronic treatment but minority of patients left opioid therapy because of side affects. Studies say that any trial evaluating the effects of opioids is not available for more than 16 weeks.

Persons having chronic back pain are mostly prescribed opioid. This is affective for the short term pain relief. For long term efficiency, opioid is prescribed for more than 16 weeks in not clear. Common side affects are loss of appetite, headache, weakness, stomach pain and constipation. This behavior occurs in 24% of cases.

Sleeping Tips for Pregnant Women

Sleeping Tips for Pregnant Women
Posted by editor in Tuesday, January 26th 2010
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Sleeping is essential for every human being but for the pregnant ladies it is more than a necessity because that time is really different from the normal life time and in this period a woman needs plenty of extra rest to keep going.

Sleeping Pregnant WomenAs a growing fetus puts lots of strain on the woman’s body that’s why she get tired soon and needs rest. For the best growth of baby the sleeping postures of a woman should be well managed so that the baby doesn’t get harmed. In this article I am going to give you the sleeping tips for different trimester.

* During the pregnancy period try to get as much rest as possible and try to sleep more than your previous routine.
* Going to the bed at same time every night will put our body into a schedule which will be very helpful for you and fetus.

* Sleep with your head and neck elevated to keep the stomach acid down.
* To avoid nightmares avoid too much eating before going to bed and share you fears with your partner and try to get rid of them.
* During the first trimester sleep on you left side as much as you can as this ensures good circulation of blood and for keeping you more comfortable you can use extra pillows between your knees or under your belly.

Sleeping Tips

* You’ll be able to enjoy a better sleep in the 2nd trimester and during that period lie on your sides with knees and hips bent. To take pressure off your lower back place pillows between your knees, under tummy and behind back.
* During the third trimester sleep on your left side so that the blood circulation could be improved towards the fetus, uterus and kidneys. The circulation back towards the heart is also improved in this way.
* During the third trimester if you can’t sleep than get up and do some activities like watching TV, listen to music or do some light house chores.

Better Sleep

* If you are getting cramps in your legs then straightly lay down on the bed, straightens your legs and flex your foot upwards in order to get the kink out.
* Try using a body pillow to help ensure a better sleep.

Pregnancy period is the one which demands more rest and no stress because this will ensure the healthy growing of fetus. The ladies who are going through this period should avoid some heavy activities and they should try to have some rest when their body demands rest because this is not the time to work forcefully even if the body wants rest. Try to follow the above mentioned tips as they are really helpful.

Easy Tips to Improve your Memory

Easy Tips to Improve your Memory
Posted by editor in Thursday, January 28th 2010
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Do you forget names, dates, and numbers? This is not that you are alone facing this problem. There are many different ways you can adopt in daily life routine to improve your memory.

Improve your MemoryMemory aptitude is different from person to person despite of age factor. But keep in mind there are some aspects like alcohol, depression and insomnia, can affect you memory performance. The problem can happen if you are getting too much information. Flooded flow of information is terrifying and absorption in mind is slow.

Accept this fact that you forgot, if you want to improve your memory. Enhancing the capability of memory is matter of ample training of your brain. Here are some easy tips and techniques that can help you to improve your memory.

Be active

Try to keep notes what you hear and understood. In passive mode your brain gets away and misplaces concentration and memorization ability. Try to be active. This will help you to remember knowledge in future.


Focus on information details as well. People only remember the information that they consider important. To remember drilled down points. Always think that every information is crucial.

Improving Memory

Be patient

Improving memory is not an immediate effect. Must give time to your brain to absorb information. Many things are there that you can’t remember on first view. Don’t put pressure on your mind to memorize quickly.


Fresh and healthy body has great concern with your mind health. Daily exercise will increase blood circulation and revitalize your lungs. Keep in mind access of alcohol and drugs can spoil your memory.



Repetition increases your memory power. It focuses on the points you want to remember and prints them onto your brain. Repeat numerous times immediately the name of the person you meet for the first time. In the same style repeat telephone numbers and digits. Write these things on paper few times. While practicing this be sure that you are focused and concentrated.

The tips mentioned here will definitely have a great impact on your efforts to power up you memory. Try these points in daily life. This will gradually give a good impact to you memory enhancement

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Meditation benefits

Meditation benefits

February 1, 2010

Meditation has many health benefits if you practice it on daily basis. It helps in complete relaxation of your mind and body. Meditation can be practiced for fifteen to twenty minutes on daily basis.Here are some benefits of meditation you can keep in mind:

The main benefit can relate to your mental health. Daily meditation helps to relieve your stress
in a positive manner. You can positively relieve your daily tension with the power of meditation. This also helps in internal healing of the body. You can stay away from number of disease with the power of meditation.

Daily meditation helps to cure the feeling of anxiety
in an effective manner. You can also reduce the condition of irritation with the help of meditation. Stress plays a major role in irritability and mood change today. With meditation, you can cure your mood irritability in a positive manner.

With daily meditation, you can improve your memory power. This also benefits people of all ages. You can increase your memory and concentration. There may be problems in concentrating, after the age of forty. Meditation can help you with this problem and increase your concentration in a positive way.

Daily meditation can also help you remain positive in nature. You can also remain happy with daily mediation. It helps to reduce negativity in an effective manner.

It helps to increase positive vibes in your body. You can practice fifteen to twenty minutes of mediation for reduce your negative vibes.

Pay special heed to your posture in this case. You should maintain your posture for gaining effective results from your meditation. It’s best to meditate in a peaceful and quiet environment. You can also choose a place where you can get complete silence. This is beneficial for your mediation.

You can also cleanse your mind and body with the help of daily meditation. To start with you can choose ten minutes on daily basis. Once you are comfortable with the process, you can easily increase the duration of your meditation it helps in complete rejuvenation of your mind and body.

These are some main benefits to keep in mind.

Your Health - by Dr. Rallie McAllister

Pomegranate Juice May Stave Off Age-Related Diseases

If you don't have a jug of pomegranate juice in your fridge, you might be missing out on some important health benefits.

The juice is packed with beneficial plant substances called flavonoids. In the body, flavonoids act as powerful antioxidants that are capable of disarming disease-causing free radicals.

Free radical damage to cells and tissues is known to play a leading role in the development of dozens of age-related ailments, including heart disease, Alzheimer's, arthritis and even cancer. A growing body of scientific evidence suggests that pomegranate juice may be beneficial in the prevention and treatment of these debilitating conditions.

While most plant foods are good sources of antioxidants, pomegranates are especially rich in the disease-fighting compounds. Ounce for ounce, pomegranate juice contains higher levels of antioxidants than green tea, red wine, and many fruits and vegetables.

The results of a new study published in the January issue of Cancer Prevention Research suggest that natural compounds in pomegranate juice, called ellagitannins, may be beneficial in the prevention and treatment of hormone-dependent breast cancer. Scientists at the Breast Cancer Research Program at City of Hope in Duarte, Calif., found that these compounds prevented the proliferation of breast cancer cells and inhibited the growth of estrogen-responsive tumors.

Numerous studies have demonstrated the power of the pomegranate to slow the progression of prostate cancer. In laboratory tests, extracts of the fruit triggered prostate cancer cells to undergo apoptosis, a type of cellular self-destruction.

The results of human trials are equally promising. In a study of men with prostate cancer, researchers at the University of California found that men who drank 8 ounces of the juice daily experienced significantly slower rates of cancer progression compared to men who drank a placebo beverage.

Scientists at the University of Wisconsin in Madison reported that consumption of pomegranate juice could reduce the growth and spread of cancer cells in the lung — or might even prevent the development of lung cancer in the first place. The investigators found that mice treated with pomegranate extracts in their drinking water had smaller and slower-growing lung tumors than untreated rodents.

In similar studies, extracts of the fruit have been found to thwart the growth and spread of cancer cells in the colon and skin.
Some experts predict that these compounds will one day serve as important components in many cancer treatment regimens.

A daily dose of pomegranate juice might also help reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. The results of a study conducted at Loma Linda University showed that drinking a glass of the juice each day can reduce the buildup of beta amyloid in the brain by half.

Beta amyloid is a sticky, problematic protein that contributes to Alzheimer's by creating non-functioning areas in the brain called neuritic plaques. Reporting in the medical journal Neurobiology of Disease, the Loma Linda researchers suggested that pomegranate juice may work as well as some prescription drugs to prevent the progression of Alzheimer's disease.

The juice may also have beneficial effects on cardiovascular health by lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of atherosclerosis, also known as hardening of the arteries. Researchers at the University of Naples in Italy demonstrated that drinking the juice can help prevent cholesterol plaques from forming on artery walls, potentially reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke.

For folks who want to protect their joints from the ravaging effects of osteoarthritis, a little juice may go a long way. Scientists at Case Western Reserve University proved that pomegranate-derived compounds effectively block the action of destructive enzymes in human cartilage cells, dramatically slowing the progression of the disease.

Researchers in Japan found that extracts of the fruit stimulated bone turnover and increased bone mineral density in laboratory animals. Based on their findings, the scientists concluded that these compounds could help prevent bone loss due to osteoporosis in menopausal women.

The results of a 10-week pilot study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research suggest that consumption of pomegranate juice may be useful in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. Among men who drank 8 ounces of the juice daily, 47 percent reported significant improvements in symptoms.

Pomegranate juice is tart and tangy, and it may take some time to develop a taste for it. But when you consider all the health benefits it has to offer, you'll undoubtedly find it one of the sweetest anti-aging elixirs available.

Rallie McAllister, M.D. is a family physician, speaker, and co-founder of, a website featuring child-raising tips from trusted doctors who are also moms.

General Safety Tips for Women Out Late at Night Read more at Suite101: General Safety Tips for Women Out Late at Night: Know What To Do and Avoid Bec

Women end up on the news as victims who are targeted while they are out alone late at night. Learn how to protect yourself before being caught in a dangerous situation.

Read more at Suite101: General Safety Tips for Women Out Late at Night: Know What To Do and Avoid Becoming a Victim
It is impossible to be completely safe at all times, but there are ways to avoid becoming a victim. Women are mostly targeted at night, especially when they are alone, walking home, in a dark parking lot or driving. It’s important to know safety tips to protect yourself from potential danger. They may save your life.

* Be aware of your surroundings. Don’t wear your mp3 player or talk on your cell phone, especially when walking or jogging alone at night. This distracts you from being aware, which gives anyone the perfect opportunity to easily drag you out of sight.

You need to have both your eyes and ears to see and listen for suspicious behavior.

* Be prepared if you have to walk alone at night. Have your keys in one hand and cell phone in the other. Attach a mace or pepper spray key ring and whistle to your keys, in case someone tries to attack you. Also, it will be easier to make an emergency phone call with your phone in hand.

The time it takes to dig in your purse and fumble around for your keys or phone will give anyone following you enough time to catch up to you.

* If possible, try walking closely to another group of people, at least until the point of safety. This will give the impression that you’re with others, even when you’re not.

Even if a perpetrator knows you aren’t with them, he is less likely to attack you in front of them.

* Don’t look like a victim. If you act nervous, paranoid and have the tendency to fidget with things, this only draws attention to you. You portray someone as weak, scared and unlikely to fight back. This makes you a vulnerable, prime target for someone who is looking for a victim.

Walk quickly, confidently, and as stated earlier, be aware of your surroundings.

Read more at Suite101: General Safety Tips for Women Out Late at Night: Know What To Do and Avoid Becoming a Victim